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Altrincham Gutter Services provide a professional service throughout the Manchester and Cheshire regions.

Guttering Services can give you the quality assurance that all works to your home will leave you with a peace of mind

Your gutters are a simple, but incredibly effective way of protecting your home from water. They are the channels or ‘half-pipes’ that run horizontally just along the edge of your roof. Each horizontal channel will lead towards a vertical channel, usually found on the corners of your home, which are called downpipes. These downpipes will then connect your guttering system to the drains below, at the base of your walls.

When it rains, and let’s face it, we get a lot of rain in the UK, rain water falls directly onto your home’s roof. This water needs to be removed from your roof immediately to avoid any water damage. If this water was left on your roof to collect in pools, it would put a lot of pressure on the structure of your home and begin to seep down inside your home causing damp, mould or even flooding.

If the water just ran straight off your roof and down the sides of your home, it would begin to collect in pools at the base of your home. This would begin to cause huge problems for the structure of your home as the water began to seep down into the ground around its foundations. Your home’s walls would also be subject to water damage, causing problems for your bricks, mortar, masonry and windows. Additionally, imagine the effects of all this water freezing in the winter? Your home would be surrounded and engulfed by dangerous sheets of ice.Your gutters are so amazing because they protect you from all of these things. How? By ensuring that rain water is collected immediately in the channels of your gutters and carried safely away down the downpipes and into the underground drainage system. This means your home is kept dry and free of damage.It is importance that your gutters remain free-flowing as they are an important part of you home's weatherproofing system.




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